• 2D handmade drawings

    Some cute animals that are used in the application Abecedar Romanesc.
    This drawings are for sale in the Unity Asset Store.

    Package includes 2D animals:
    -ladybird, earthworm, bee, owl, rooster, dinosaur, elephant, seal, chicken, hippo, rabbit, jaguar, koala, lion, donkey, monkey, narwhal, sheep, penguin, quetzal, raccoon, snake, ostrich, billy goat, tiger, bear, fox, wombat, xypho, yak, zebra

    Bonus: angel, weasel(colored), pig(non colored)

    Created with: Clip Studio Paint/Gimp

    Resolution about 500x500 pixels.

    For any questions regarding this package please send me an email: sorin.calin.albu@gmail.com
    You can buy this pack from: Unity3D Asset Store
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