• Android application for Virtual Reality devices.

    User can navigate in a park and see different animals like in a zoo:
    - from Jurassic age two dinosaurs: Dilophosaurus, Raptor a smaller Dino than T-rex
    - legend animal: dragon
    - contemporary animals: bear, snake, horse, sheep, wolf
    There is a snake in the bushes that appear when you reach the snake waypoint, if you are afraid of snakes please don't go to that waypoint.

    Other compatible Virtual Reality android headsets: Durovis Dive, vrAse, Refugio3D, Gear VR, Go4D, Samsung Gear

    More improvements coming soon based on your comments.

    Development Tools:
    C# .NET: code behind in Visual Studio Community
    Unity 3D - a great tool that makes development a lot easier and build games worlds very easy
    Durovis Dive SDK - head tracking integrated in Unity3D
    Asset Store - where you can find a lot of 3D models
    Poser - great character animation software
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